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Han held onto the ring rope to get up. He contemplated new ideas every time he fell. How could he possibly win against Schwartz?


Han didn't continue to pester him and stood up. He chose some food from the buffet table. There was rice and various other side dishes. After eating flour-based foods for so long, eating rice felt like a breath of fresh air. He got himself a pair of chopsticks from the corner and prepared himself an east asian breakfast.


"Fighting already? Hopeless little brats. Simon Dell? You're so confident with a skill that might be a little bit useful at your grandfather's birthday? If that's all you're capable of, then you're nothing but a huge embarrassment."


Kuro had accomplished a very important task. If Jose and Kuro used their skills together, they didn't have to worry about food at all. The future road ahead that seemed full of thorns was no more.


The transferee's transport headed to the medical ward. They weren't being driven to the usual medical ward 1, but medical ward 2. The desolate outer wall of the building appeared ominous. Kuro, who had the power of immediate foresight, felt even deeper dread.


"Don't get worked up and listen to my words. Silence. I am aware that I don't have the qualifications to say this, but now is not the time to think about such minor details. The overall situation right now is not too bad."

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The executives who arrested Han observed toward Kuro. They understood Kuro's strength. His psychic strength could easily bat away a flying missile. If he wished, he could easily kill all the people in this room in a bat of an eye. He was a super psyker that would appear in only movies.


-Now it's impossible. Their guard is up and prepared for any attacks. We are evacuating.


"The winner will tip a bit toward the loser who lost it all. Take it, pal. Take this and don't be so mad. Let's be friends, huh?"


Han peered into the opened hatch. Kijo darted outside immediately and threw up. Han peered inside with chilled eyes. He could make up parts of human bodies strewn about.


He had no unique skills, and was a mere C+ Rank. If he was lucky, they would have given him a B- Rank. There had never been a youth of Ark that was transferred up into third year with such low psychic ranking. Han was the first.


'If only I figured it out faster… How come I couldn't see that the Elu could use blink to move around?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.


"It wouldn't be an overstatement to consider him a B rank due to the amount of telekinetic control he has. He just barely makes the minimum required rank to pilot psychoframes. At the same time, he has not awakened any unique psychic skills yet."



'They're cheering for me, instead of Laocha. Usually, people would cheer for the one who would most likely lose. Are they implying that I will lose?'



Everyone received a message to gather on their data bracelets. They were to gather at the eighth training grounds. Han observed his squad's expressions and nodded.


Schwartz was generous with his praise toward Han in his report. His professionalism made it hard to believe that it was Han's first official military operation deployment. If you were to consider his actual age and experience, his expertise was shocking. Schwartz ended his report praising Han.


Han learned the weapon martial arts skills faster than the average person. He had to live everyday on the streets stealing from others so he was naturally nimble with his hands and body.

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